Monday, May 11, 2009

My make-up pet peeves

Ok, so I am sure every one of us, beauty bloggers, could name a couple of these and, what's more, are able to spot them from at least a 100 meters distance. The most dreaded make-up mistakes have either to do with a wrong choice of the product or a wrong application technique... or sometimes both. Even celebrities are not free from committing them! Here's my list of make-up pet peeves, which I tried to illustrate with some photos.

1. Shiny/ oily face

I probably hate this one the most because I am very prone to it. Oily skin can ruin the whole make-up, making you look sweaty and gross. There's a big difference between looking dewy and having a mirror instead of a face! Absolute no no!

2. Wrong foundation shade

A too light shade can make you look ill, a too dark shade old and dirty, a too orange shade... well, you know (Paris is guilty of wearing both too light and too dark shades; quite an accomplishment, I have to admit). The best color to put on top of your skin is exactly the color of your skin; sounds very simple, but as we all know is not simple at all. If you want to slightly alter the color of your skin for a specific look, at least don't forget to cover your ears, neck and decollete too!

3. Clumpy lashes

It goes without saying that it looks just plain wrong. I cringe away from mascaras that may cause that effect ( ekhm, Margaret Astor Air Max for example...) and I hardly ever apply more than one coat. If I want fuller, spectacular lashes, I just go for falsies; takes more time but is well worth the effort.

So, what are your top make-up pet peeves?


  1. Excellent post because i can't stand these pics either. I'm not perfect but what I can't stand is when makeup is too harsh looking and lines aren't blended, examples crease eyeshadow, foundation at the jawline, over lining your lips with a dark liner and then adding a neon pink to lips. If I left the house like that I'd prefer someone hit me with a shovel. xxNadia

  2. Hmmm I guess it's not so much makeup, but I had really orange and streaky fake-tan! Like why would you leave the house with orange heels is beyond me! Sheesh, Renee Zwellereioguejeroeiure has looked better huh haha

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  4. I'm with you on most of these - and the visible lip liner - that's not a good look.

    I also am not a fan of people wearing sandles/flip flops but not "preparing" their feet properly beforehand - keep them buffed, moisturised and pedicured ladies!

  5. @LoveLipstickandLime: That's so true, blending is incredibly important in make-up; well, unless you want to look like a drag queen :) Cheers! xoxo

  6. @Sarah: I guess this is why I use self-tanner so rarely, I'm always afraid of being too orange!

  7. @Ondine: Recently I saw a girl wearing an amazing pair of heels with open toes and she had nail polish peeling off... Yuck! On a different note, I can't wait to see your photos from Italy! Take care :) xxx