Thursday, May 21, 2009

Animal Instinct Contest Entry: Exotic Bird

This is my final contest entry for this month; parents arrive tomorrow and I will be really busy from then on, so here's the last one... I'm very sorry, Sarah, that I won't manage to participate in your Disney contest like I promised, but I genuinely lacked inspiration and now, well, time. Good luck with your entries though!

I got really excited when I learnt about wonderful Rebecca's (Panda Does Makeup) Animal Instinct Contest! I'd instantly started browsing Google for inspirational images, and my first idea was for a cat-like look. Not very original, I know, but I sort of wanted something to translate well into make-up; as much as I love squirrels, that wouldn't be easy to pull off. But then! I changed my mind...

and went for something fun, exotic and colorful, which is embodied by this lovely bird (don't know the species, by the way). I just love the vibrant colors of its plumage! I recently did some more wearable looks, so I wanted this one to be as crazy as possible (but no full on face paints, Rebecca!:). Here's how it turned out:

The last one's a bit scarry; it was taken in the sunlight, sorry for the uneven skin... But at least you can see these are not photoshopped ;)

List of products used:

MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW20
CS Honey Fair 1.2 mineral foundation
CS Sheer Radiance blusher as contour/bronzer
CS Dare blusher on the apples of the cheeks
CS Light Veil
Dyed feathers from a craftstore glued on with Ardell's lash glue (hate the smell of this!)

Revlon cream eyeshadow quad in Seashells: white shade as a base
CS 78 eyeshadow and blush palette: (from inner to outer corner) matte white, yellow, light blue, intensive turquoise, blue-based purples and more of a reddish purple, plus brownish shade to blend into the crease and matte white as a highlight
GOSH Extreme Art eyeliners in 15 (purple) and 13 (gold) to draw feather shaped lines in the outer corners
GOSH pen eyeliner in black
Covergirl Lash Blast mascara
Ardell 110 false eyelashes

Inglot Fruits in Ice Blackberry Duo (berry shade)

Hope you like it, Rebecca, and thanks for running the contest! Check out her blog (link at the beginning of the post), she's such a sweet girl and does some amazing reviews! Have a lovely evening, everyone :)


  1. This is beautiful! You definately have a talent! Lovely!

  2. Aw awesome, looks fab!

    Thanks for entering :)

  3. Thhis is sooooo pretty! I love the feathers! You know you could totally wear this out and pull it off, serious!!! Aw, no that's okay! I understand :) Maybe next time!!!

  4. @Marie and Rebecca: Thank you, girls! xxx

  5. @Sarah: I was thinking it would be fun to wear someting like this for a crazy night out ;) You've got some gorgeous entries so far, it'll be so hard to judge! Take care :) xxx

  6. This is so beautiful! You have a LOT of talent!