Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Name day treats

As I mentioned in my last post, me and my fiance went shopping yesterday to get me something for my name day. I was quite excited about this and chose to go to Zara, since I haven't been there in ages and I envied Hele for her picks...

So we decided to take a walk to Robson Street, where Zara store is located, because it's always a great problem to find a parking spot anywhere near this area. It WAS cloudy, but we didn't expect major rainfall, and that was a mistake; we were soaked by the time we got home!

Once at Zara, I picked about 30 different pieces and started trying them on. I don't know why Zara has this policy, but my fiance was denied acces to my changing room and each time I wanted to show him my outfit, I had to call at him and he would peek from the distance and tell me if he liked it or not. Quite annoying, I have to admit; the staff wasn't too friendly or helpful.
The bottom line is that finally, 10 minutes before the store closed, I picked one grey t-shirt, really nothing fascinating or unique; but the truth is that it was the only thing I liked from the pile! Here it is, paired with an old necklace from H&M.

I felt really disappointed, I wanted to pick something nice so much... But that's always the case, once you decide you're saving for something, the stores are filled with beautiful clothes, and once you go and really need to buy, let's say, a cardi, they're all in ugly colors and don't fit at all.

But I didn't give up that easily! By the time we left Zara, the stores at Robson were closing in 5 minutes, but I spotted a Lush store very near and dragged my fiance there. I probably managed to do the fastest Lush shopping ever and together with my love we picked a couple of items, which I am very happy about (did I mention this was my first trip to Lush?). I was very surprised that my fiance participated actively in choosing the stuff, I thought he would be bored to death (he even got pink glitter on his nose by checking the bath bars out)... Anyway, here they are together with Stephanie Meyer's "The Host" novel, which we bought next.

In the photo, top to bottom, left to right: Candy Bar ("Sweetly scented vanilla & cocoa butter to soften your skin", my fiance's top pick - it's not butter, as it says in the description, but more like a bath bomb that makes millions of pink bubbles), Mange Tout massage bar ("Lickabley sensual, for a honey & white chocolate massage", my favorite scent so far), Ma Bar ("A comforting chocolate & honey bath for all the sweethearts", looks like it has a cane sugar cube in the middle - yummy!) and Soft Coeur massage bar ("A smooth, sensual, honey & cocoa heartbreaker of a massage bar" with a chocolate piece inside) in a tin which was free with a purchase of two massage bars.

It's funny, I actually thought I might buy some soap and I smelt Honey I washed the kids a couple of times, because so many girls on Youtube rave about it, and I really didn't like it! Maybe the scent got mixed up with other soaps, it's so difficult to choose something in the store because of too many smells...

Yesterday I tried Soft Coeur after exfoliating my body in the tub, and it glided smoothly against my skin, leaving sort of a rich, oily layer. It felt extremely moisturizing and smooth and of course I smelt amazing, like a cookie! I don't know if you've noticed, but all of our picks at Lush have almost the same scent theme: honey and chocolate. My fiance liked the feel of my skin a lot and became very 'hugable', which definitely proves it's something worth to try :) I reapplied a little bit on my shoulders this morning, because I like this smell so much... It feels very comforting and... surprise, surprise, lush!

I am defo going back to Lush in the near future to pick up some more stuff. What are your favorite Lush products?

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  1. For years I used to only ever go into Lush to buy a couple of bath bombs (hugely expensive way of scenting your bath though I realise!) but I've been thinking I should pay it more attention as so many people rave about their skincare products. We're just at the tail end of an 'I Should Coco' soap I was given at the moment...but I'm getting a bit bored of it and (as i've just been raving on my blog) I've got a new soap I want to try!