Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Clothes and accessories haul

Hi my lovely bloggers, I hope everyone's having a really nice day, like I am...

Yay, I finally went shopping today! Just on my own, in no hurry, very relaxed and all... I thought if not Zara (Monday's failure), then maybe H&M :) And yes, I liked a lot of stuff there, and I have to admit H&M is my favorite store ever for nice and simple cardigans in multiple colors, which are something I wear very often and still need more of.

So I got sort of a brick, orangey red cardi and a cute tee with flowers & birds print. I couldn't decide which color combination I liked more, because they had this and also turquoise-navy blue one and I feel both looked equally good on me, but well...

Here's the t-shirt on paired with a charm necklace I bought at Claire's. 

I also got these earrings there, I think I saw very similar one's on Hele's blog, and I liked them a lot, so that's probably why I got these. They're very Indian in style and I didn't have any dangly earrings in gold...

I also got another pair of earrings at H&M, but I think I'm going to take them back to the store. There's something wrong with them and I can't put them on :(

Lastly, I got these two scarves at Stitches, they were having a 2 for $15 offer, so I couldn't resist. I actually spotted the pink one over a month ago, but was hesitant, so today was a good opportunity to buy it :) I love the pattern and the colors! The pink one is a square, and the yellow just a regular, longer scarf, so they look very differently on. I was very adventurous with the yellow, it's the only yellow thing I have in my wardrobe except for old yellow pyjamas... I feel it would be great for summer.

That's it, it was actually a big shopping spree for me... Hope you enjoy to see my clothes too, not only make-up and cosmetics. Have a great one, everyone!


  1. Those scarves are very pretty and perfect for summer, the earrings are beautiful and the t-shirt fits you like a glove. H&M is a great store because it has amazing stuff and easy on your wallet. You are so pretty you don't even need a stitch of makeup, I'm jealous. Next time I'm in Vancouver we should hook up on Robson Street. xxNadia

  2. omg i just love thoes scarves . Theres so many ways to accessorize them! . And the shirt just looks really pretty on your skin!!

    love the haul :)

  3. @DaP: I wear them almost every day now, especially the pink-purple one, it feels so cozy! As for the color, I found that if you're really pale, wearing bright shades close to your face looks really good; I look terrible in beige tops, for example! Thanks for following and the comment, dear! xxx