Friday, June 19, 2009

Beady Friday

Remember the post I wrote about my trip to Granville Island? I know it was months ago, but I finally made some progress in my beading projects and wanted to show you the results.

So I got some glass beads from the specialist shop (veeery expensive!) on the island and some simple, smallest bead mixes from my local dollar store. I chose two color themes, teal and lilac. I first worked on the teal necklace, it was actually featured in my Mucha inspired make-up photos. It's more or less 3 meters long and I just wrap it around my neck.

And this morning I made this lilac necklace. It's made of 5 strings of small pink, lilac and violet beads interlaced with bigger lilac glass beads.

I still have lots of beads left from these two projects and I am thinking of doing some more jewellery with these. I already have one idea for a bracelet using the lilac combo, but nothing for the teal. Any suggestions, my creative bloggettes?