Monday, June 15, 2009

Working girl

In two weeks time I'm going back to Poland... and back to work. I'm an English teacher in a private language school in the centre of Warsaw. Basically, we only teach very small groups or even individuals, so the atmosphere at the school is quite relaxed and friendly; in terms of fashion, you can get away with practically anything you want, as long as you look polished and decent enough. Today I've been thinking of a work appropriate outfit which would be trendy, comfy and feature similar clothes to the ones I already have in my wardrobe. As a result, I came up with this set on Polyvore:

I'm a complete Polyvore beginner, so excuse me if this seems a bit naive :) My favorite color scheme for this summer is anything in the coraly/ peachy family, so I chose this V-neck top, ballet flats and bangles to match. I'd pair the top with straight leg, dark denim jeans (I look terrible in skinny jeans) and add a nice big handbag with flowery patterns. The bag adds a bit of a hippie feel to the whole, which is emphasized even further by the chunky wooden necklace. In terms of make-up, my latest lemming is MAC Costa Chic lippie.

On a different note, today was my and fiance's 6th anniversary of being together, so we went out to celebrate it by some lingerie shopping and eating out at our favorite Mexican place. I also talked the fiance into buying Yes! Yes! Yes! lip butter for me and I can't wait to try it; in terms of smell, it's already a summer favorite!

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday and thanks for stopping by! xxx

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