Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer wishlist

Since I'm on a spending diet, I have a ton of different lemmings right now; clothes, shoes, accessories, nail polish, lipstick... Maybe I'll somehow get over it once I share it with you, and if not, at least I'll remember what to look for in 2 weeks :)

I'm planning to post a little farewell series next week, just before I go back to Poland - thanks for a great suggestion, Ondine! You'll see my make-up station here in our Vancouver apartment, maybe best beauty products I discovered while in Canada, and some most memorable photos taken during the past couple of months. Hope you'll enjoy that...!

On to my lemmings:

Thanks to Hele, I have a massive nail polish obsession right now. I'll certainly look for bright summer shades, including hot pinks and lilacs, and some more neutral varnishes in cream finishes. I can't wait to check out Essence nail polish recently recommended by Miss Chievous, since it's such a cheapo treat! I'm also lemming a peach blusher or lipstick, or maybe both...

In terms of clothing, I have absolutely no decent sandals, so that's a must, along with another cardi, this time a blue one; unfortunately, the purple one got torn during the trip to Vancouver Island! This summer wouldn't be complete without some nice accessories like wooden bangles and these amazing peacock earrings, would it?

So what's on your summer wishlist?


  1. You can get OPI polishes super cheap on ebay from this store :

    I've used this store a few times and it's really good! :) I am loving lilac on my nails at the moment.. something I never thought I would say!

    Lydia xox

  2. Pheasent earings are amazing!! The bejewelled colors are so special!

    I also cant find any sandals.. let me know if you find anything!!


  3. @lydiaoc26: Thanks hun, I wish I could do some Internet shopping, but I can't for now... I'm going to have to look for something similar to OPI in regular stores :) xoxo

  4. @Tali: It's really hard to find nice and comfortable sandals, isn't it? I'll defo keep you updated! xxx

  5. So many things on my wish list but I too am on a spending diet officially. The only thing I'm allowed to buy for is the swap I'm doing with Liparrazi. Look forward to hearing what Canadian brands you've enjoyed (I'm in Toronto).

  6. @lipstickrules123: I have to venture into the world of swaps one day! Unfortunately, I haven't tried so many purely Canadian brands, but mostly brands that are unavailable in Poland and I could check out here which also includes American and British brands. But there are some Canadian ones in there too!

  7. Ha! I'm also on a Hele inspired nail crush with OPI Dolce de Leche! I hope you will still be blogging from Poland?

  8. @BritishBeautyBlogger: I love the name of that nailpolish, in fact, a very popular candy in Poland (well, of course we call it differently... I know it sounds silly, but we call it 'little cow' - 'krówka' :) I will defo be blogging from Poland, even though I'll have less free time than now :) Thanks for stopping by! xxx

  9. Oooh such a pretty collection!! Love the sandles too!! You are going to Poland, wow how excitinggggg!!!
    Oooh and thankyou so much for the travel tip! I think you are totally right, being cooped up inside museums and things isn't going to let you really explore the different cities and cultures! Thanks sweet girl :)

  10. @Sarah: Your welcome, hun! I'm not sure if I am so excited about going back... We'll see :) Take care, dear! xoxo