Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If I were to do my bridal make-up...

... It would probably look somewhere near this:

This look is massively inspired by Nicole Chapman's bridal tutorial for oily skin which you can watch here. I think it's absolutely beautiful, fresh make-up, and the not-so-obvious choice of the orangey lippie is a great idea to give it a bit of an edge. Of course I'm not wearing any falsies and my hair is crap in the photos, but you get the idea.

First I primed my skin with Sephora Zero Shine Base and concealed any imperfections with MAC Studio Finish. Then I buffed a minimal amount of mineral foundation into the skin and followed with CS G Bronzer/Blush under the cheekbones, on the temples and a bit on the chin and nose. I applied Dare blusher on the apples of my cheeks and Inglot pearlescent eyeshadow on cheekbones as highlight.

I primed my eyelids with Eye Poxy Primer, then added a matte cream-colored eyeshadow on the lid. In the crease, I used Illamasqua Forgiveness eyeshadow (matte again), followed by the same Inglot highlighter under the browbone and a lighter highlighting shade in the inner corners. I smudged some dark brown/ greyish eyeshadow on the lashline and applied loads of mascara. I defined my eyebrows following their natural shape with a bit of warm brown pencil loaded on the angled brush.

On my lips I am wearing NYX Indian Pink sheered down with a bit of golden lip gloss.

What is your favorite bridal look?


  1. Very nice and simple.. but still elegant and has impact!

  2. Id marry you! x

    Are you planning on doing your make up yourself? Uve done a great job!

  3. Hehe, thanks, Steph, we'd be one make-up obsessed couple :) No, I'm planning to have it done by a professional, we'll see how it turns out :) xxx