Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The challenge

After reading Emma's (Magpie Sparkles) monthly challenges, I felt a bit inspired and thought about joining on a challenge that suits best my personal situation. As you guys know, my credit and debit cards have been stolen, and I will only have new ones issued when I come to Poland, which will be on July the 2nd.

Anyone guessed my challenge now? Yes, I'll be on a total spending diet from now on, which includes make-up, skincare or haircare, clothes and accessories. I'll only buy bare necessities, such as body wash or toothpaste (and food of course, duh!).

Some of the reasons for such a rigorous approach is that I feel like I already spend too much money which I don't own (I'm not getting myself into debt, it's just fiance's money) and this year is huge for us in terms of spending because of the wedding. Also, very practically, I want to use up most of the skincare I have now so I don't have to take it on the plane; that's basically my version of the famous "Project X Pan".

So yesterday I bought the last treat, a Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme (review to come as soon as I give it at least a week's try) and that's it. If I run out of toner or face wash, I'm going to use some samples I got from Clinique a long time ago. I already have two products on their way out, a Neutrogena lip balm and an anti-acne cream. I'll keep you updated on how I am doing, and also don't be surprised to see some hauls soon, they're either gifts or things I bought last month.

What is your challenge right now?