Friday, June 26, 2009

Ins & Outs

1. Sunshine! The last week was pretty depressing with all those heavy, grey clouds, but today it's sunshine again :)
2. Depotting my first eyeshadow. It wasn't MAC so didn't have that nice little hole you can use to push it from the plastic thingy, and I didn't have a hair straightener (used a frying pan instead), so I'm pretty proud of myself!
3. Using darker shades on the lid. I actually thought this would make my eyes look too small, but with some highlighter in the inner corner it looks nice and smokey.
4. Promised trip to MAC, I soo can't wait!
5. Getting things organized for the wedding. We bought fiance's wedding suit this week, almost completed the guests' list, booked a honeymoon trip, wrote a text for the invites and chose a first waltz song. Not bad, huh?
6. Having such wonderful followers!

1. My mineral foundation being too light (and powdery?) for the new season. I mix it with a much darker mineral concealer I got in the kit and it seems to work. Also, might need a nice face spray to get rid of the matte effect.
2. Flouting the challenge :(
3. Last days in Vancouver... I will miss this city!

Oh, and just as an extra... I bought a Soap&Glory shower gel sometime ago and yesterday put it near the bath tub since I'd run out of the other one. Me and fiance have separate shower gels, but Mateusz (fiance), who showered after me, immediately spotted the Soap&Glory one, used it and happily announced that I bought a very nice gel, he especially liked the smell and urged me not to take it with me to Poland, because the bottle is just too heavy and will spill all over my clothes in the luggage. Men!

Have an amazing weekend, everyone! xxx


  1. Its true about the spilling over the luggage. My body cream..which was in 3..3 plastic bags.. exploded (how i dont know as it was a tub) and got over all my clothes. It destroyed my suede louboutins..which i still cry about.. and my make up bag!! this is one time I agree with the male species's paranoia!

    I love soap and glory..the packaging is so much fun!! xxx

  2. Oh yes, I know he's right about it, it's only that he wants to keep the gel all for himself and tries to think of reasonable arguments to convince me :) I love the packaging too, unfortunately, there are only 5 or 6 products available in Canada, not like in the UK! xxx

  3. Don't do it! I also had a horrible "spillage" experience just recently, returning home to find that a huge bottle of rum and a gigantic jar of rose water had christianed my entire suitcase. It smelled nice, but ruined a handful of clothes :(

    Thanks for all of your lovely updates!

  4. @fantastic: The only thing that ever spilt in my luggage was contact lenses solution... I don't lnw about the shower gel, it seems to have a very secure twist cap, and I can't rule out all liquid products from my suitcases :) Thanks for the warning, though! xxx

  5. Love soap and glory, it's so nice.
    Nice blog x

  6. I love soap and glory and you should tell your man that he has to put up with all of your beauty products! Lol, have a good weekend and happy wedding planning!

  7. Hi hun,

    I have a feeling my mineral foundation is getting too light for me too, I should mix it w/ a darker one like you did. Good job on the wedding planning!


  8. @OceanDreams: Hehe, he accepts my little collection, I didn't expect we would be so tempted by this shower gel! xxx

  9. @Farmgirl: Thanks, sweetie! I have a little request for you, could you maybe recommend a good face wash for acne-prone skin? Is the J&J head-to-toe baby wash you blogged about good for that purpose?

    Take care :) xxx

  10. Hi there,

    thanks for the heads-up on my blog :D I see your request now. J&J Head to toe would definitely work for acne-prone. But let me see if I can find something else more tailored to your skin. Would you say you are dry in any way? Have you tried cleansing oils? I know that sounds counter-productive but some cleansing oils work wonders. Let me know hun :D


  11. Thank you so much for help, hun! I haven't tried any cleansing oils, never really saw any at a drugstore... Sounds intriguing :)I posted the details about my skin on your blog so it's easier for you to answer :) Thanks a whole bunch! xxx