Monday, June 29, 2009

June favorites and blog award

I don't have that many favorites this month, but still wanted to share some great stuff I'm enjoying right now!

1. Illamasqua powder eyeshadow in Forgiveness. It's a matte, purpley brown shadow with great pigmentation and butter smooth texture. I use it almost every day as a crease color, it's very subtle but still something a bit different than your usual brown because of the warm, purple undertone.

2. NYX round lipstick in Thalia. You know all these 'my lips but better' posts featuring a nude lipstick of some sort? Well, no MLBB nude lippie for me. My lips are quite pigmented and Thalia is exactly the same shade, maybe a tad darker. The color payoff is good and the consistency nice and creamy.

3. Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme. Can't help it, you're probably bored to death by me mentioning it, but I still love it.

4. Yogurt pack method. I discovered this on Brilliant Farmgirl's Beauty Secrets blog (check her out if you haven't already, she's the loveliest and most ingenious person ever!) and have used it for 3 days now as a mask before I go to bed. It leaves my skin feeling baby soft! I'll update you in a week's time on how I'm doing with it.

5. My scarves. I use them to give the simplest outfits a bit of texture and color. I have to get some more soon!

Today I also received an Uber Amazing Blog Award from Michelle at Lipstick Rules, thank you so much sweetheart! The rules are as follows:

1. Write five (5) interesting facts about the person who gave you this award. 2. Jot down ten (10) interesting facts about yourself or your hobbies. 3. Pick your ten (10) most deserving recipients and describe them. 4. Leave a comment on the recipients' blog to tell them they've been tagged. 5. Paste the award badge in your side bar.

About Michelle:
- She comes up with the most interesting ideas for blog posts that always spark off a vivid discussion
- She lives in Toronto where MAC started!
- She's a lovely person inside and out, I love her comments :)
- She has an amazing family who understands her passion for make-up, even her 2 years old son knows about it!
- She likes to excercise her will power by joining different variations of spending diet challenges

About myself:
- I'm Polish both by birth and citizenship
- I speak 3 languages fluently, Polish (of course), English and French
- I'm still a student at the Institute of Applied Linguistics, Warsaw University, Poland
- I'm short-sighted and wear contact lenses
- I'm getting married in September
- I don't like pop drinks, Coke is a big no no for me
- I like dogs and used to have a Welsh terrier, but I'm allergic to cats
- I inherited my eye color (warm dark brown) from my maternal great grandmother (or so I'm told, she'd died before I was born)
- My friends in high school called me a 'squirrel' in different variations of the word in Polish, like 'WiewiĆ³rcia' or 'WiĆ³rka', because of my reddish hair
- I hate war movies, they make me feel utterly depressed. In my opinion WWII is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to the humankind.

I'm going to cheat here and nominate less than 10 lovely bloggettes:
1. Brilliant Farmgirl's Beauty Secrets. She's so passionate and honest about her recommendations on skincare. She's helping me a lot with improving my skincare routine, and her tips are simply genius!
2. Loveaudrey. She's just had her baby boy and is probably one of the most glam mummies in the blogland. I feel a kindred soul in her!
3. Jen at Mizz Worthy's Stuff. She's the sweetest person ever, hosts amazing contests (check out her latest "Myths & Legends" contest with fab Illamasqua prizes!) and posts the best, most honest reviews. Go Jen!

Hope you all have a lovely Monday and thanks for stopping by! xxx


  1. Rocaille,

    you are the sweetest and totally deserving of this award!!! And thank you so much for the award as well :D The Burt's Bees cuticle cream is one thing I haven't tried, will have to check it out!


  2. @Farmgirl: You're welcome, hunnie, you're genuinely inspirational! The cuticle creme is great, but it doesn't absorb too fast as Tali pointed out. xxx

  3. Wow - thanks so much - and thanks for introducing me to farmgirls blog - fab!

  4. Rocaille - you are so sweet! Thank you so much!

    I am enjoying getting to know you through our blogs!


    p.s. I just placed an order for Illamasqua (hence there goes the spending diet again). Didn't order shadows though and based on your review, maybe I should have :-)
    Talk soon.

  5. @Jen: It's true, Farmgirl's blog is a gem! x

  6. @Michelle: I also like reading the details about your life, maybe because I'm just nosey like that! I hope you'll like your Illamasqua goodies, I've heard lots of people rave about their eyeshadows (and other stuff as well). Take care! x

  7. Thank you so much hun, your description of me has made my day..... particuarly as I feel far from glamorous today! I'll try and find the time to return this post asap! xxx

  8. @loveaudrey: No prob, sweetie, take your time, I know you must be super busy right now :) xxx