Thursday, June 11, 2009

Coastal Scents haul & review

Bonjour, mes cheries! I have another haul for you, this time from Coastal Scents :) Yes, I am still on a spending diet, I actually bought these things a month ago, so I managed to give them a good try before reviewing.

On to the stuff I got...

This time I didn't order a whole lot, I tried to rationalize my approach and ask myself if I really needed something or not. I decided I needed a good make-up brushes case, so I got this 10 slot leatherine one. You can actually pack way more that 10 brushes in there, as the case is very long and the slots pretty big. I think it's going to be great for travelling or storing brushes that I don't use on an everyday basis so they don't get all covered in dust.

I got three brushes, a pink kabuki (I'm such a sucker for pretty objects), a pointed dome blusher brush and a bent eyeliner brush. I meant to use the kabuki as a spare one to apply my mineral foundation, but in my opinion, it's way too soft for that (but maybe it's just me, I feel I need more control when I apply foundation so I prefer slightly stiffer kabukis). However, it's perfect for blending your blush or contour color, or if you accidentaly use too much bronzer. The blusher brush is my new favorite for applying color on the apples of my cheeks and for contouring although it does shed a bit. I also meant to try it with liquid foundation, but since I hardly ever use liquid, I can't get myself to check out how it performs.

The bent eyeliner brush makes applying gel eyeliner very easy. I use it with two gel eyeliners I got in shades True Black and Indigo Blue. They're both very creamy, so they spread on your upper lashline very easily, but they tend to smudge. I have to try using some eyeshadow on top to set them, otherwise they don't last all day on my super oily eyelids.

I also ordered the famous Brush Guard in a variety pack, where you get one of every size they carry. It's a very nifty yet simple idea. I used them both to protect the birstles while travelling and to reshape my brushes after washing. They're very flexible, so they fit even on a kabuki or skunk brush. I highly recommend them!

My freshly washed brushes cosily wrapped in Brush Guard

So that's all I got, I hope you enjoyed the haul :) If you'd like me to do a swatch or a close-up of anything, just let me know in the comments. Thanks for stopping by! xxx


  1. I've been wanting some brush guards for ages - can't find any UK companies that do them though - I wonder if CS deliver to the UK..

  2. I think they do, but probably you can find them on ebay for cheaper :) xxx