Monday, June 8, 2009

Quick tips and tricks from Shape

Since you liked the last post, here are the tips and tricks I liked most in the recent Shape; bear in mind that you guys get exclusive information, this is from the Polish edition, I bet you don't get all that in the British/US versions ;)

1. Take care of your tired, puffy feet by putting them into an aromatic warm bath for 10 to 15 minutes. Try using essential oils such as mint or eucalyptus (I'm going to try tea tree oil, it should have similar effect). Then massage your feet to relax them some more, or you can even try reflexology; apply some pressure to the sole of your big toe, this can help you get rid of a headache!

2. Hate your bum? Try rollerskating: it forces your legs to move to the sides, making your thighs and buttocks nice and firm!

I know, I know, I do look super hot in this helmet and kneepads...

3. Always remember to warm up your body before you start exercising and never skip the cool down stage at the end. No warm up may equal sprained muscles, no cool down means sore muscles the next day.

4. Never skip your breakfast... and lunch! The meals you have in the first half of the day are crucial for your diet and further calorie intake. Obese persons ignore lunch 30% times more often than the slim ones!

5. You only need to stick to your diet 80% of the time in order for it to be effective! The results you get will be as good as if you followed it religiously. Practically it means that for 1,5 days in the week you can allow yourself to get some more calorific treats, or skip the gym :)

Hope this was useful, my beauties :) Thanks for stopping by! xxx


  1. Excellent post and brilliant advice from Shape! Thanks for sharing Rocaille. You look cute in rollerblades, helmet and kneepads, you should see me, I look pathetic. I'm not the delicate looking type,lol! xxNadia

  2. I'm sure you always look great, hun, even if you wore one of those sumo foam outfits ;) Thanks for your lovely comment! xxx

  3. I'm glad you like them, Cake Girl! :) xxx