Friday, June 5, 2009

NYX Haul and a FOTD

Hiya again sweet pies, here comes the first haul of the three I promised you! All of these were bought before my wallet and credit cards were stolen, so now I am on a compulsory spending diet... I should probably take advantage of the occasion and start my own "Project X Pan", but we'll see about that :)

Here are the NYX goodies I ordered from together with a solitary Starry Avocado Oil lipbalm; I actually got two of these, another one was with Almond Oil, but I gave that one to my mum. Not too fond of it, but it might have costed something like 50 cents, I'm not sure.

I got (top to bottom, left to right):
False eyelashes no. 101 and no. 104 (there are actually two pairs of these in the box; you cut each of the lashes in the middle and you get beautiful corner falsies!)
4 round lippies (details below)
Silver glitter liner - great stuff!
Starry Avocado Oil high shine lip balm
Blusher in Taupe and Angel
Single eyeshadow in White Pearl
Long lipliner in Deep Purple and Plush Red
blotting paper

Close up and swatches of the lippies:

L-R: Strawberry Milk, Tea Rose, Thalia, Rea

L-R: Strawberry Milk, Thalia, Tea Rose, Rea, lipliners in Plush Red and Deep Purple

I tried to do swatches of the blushers and eyeshadow too, but in my lighting they simply don't show up at all :( However the top photo does them justice, I think.

I quite like everything I got apart from Rea, which is definitely not a shade for me. It looks kinda greyish on my lips and if I try to sheer it down, my natural (and quite vibrant) lip color peeks through and ruins it... It might suit cooler skin tones better. Swapsie, anyone?

I also wanted to show you the blushers and eyeshadow in action. I actually copied this combo from MakeupGeekTV on YT, and I heart it! I use Taupe for contour (perfect shade for me), Angel on the apples of the cheeks and White Pearl as a highlight on the cheekbone and browbone. For my eyes, I used Prestige eyeliner in Powerful Purple (love, Jen!!!) and Illamasqua eyeshadow in Forgiveness in the crease, plus lashings of mascara. On the lips we have Illamasqua Medium pencil in Ascend paired with Avon plumping lipgloss in Nude.

How do you like it? :) Anyone noticed new blog background?


  1. Aww sweetie you're back!!! I hope things are going a little better for you now! Did you get everything sorted? Gosh I hope so! Thankyou so much for your kind comment :) I can't complain really because I know what happened to you was awful as well :( But I hope you are getting back on your feet!!! Btw, I love your new purchases! These lippies are sooo pretty!!! You look absolutley stunning, as always :) I have been wanting to put an order in on Cherry Culture for a little now but I am terrifed of online shopping now!!! P.s. I LOVE the new background!!

  2. Great haul. I really want to try some nyx stuff.. i may ship some to my stepdad and have him drag them back to the uk for me. Strawberry Milk lipstick is calling my name!

  3. @ Sarah: Thank you, hun, for a lovely comment :) Things definitely are better now, but I'll have to resolve all the details once I'm back in Poland in 3 weeks or so. The lippies are just great for the price, I hihgly recommend them. I'm also scared of using a credit card now, especially the one from my bank, they don't have top notch security measures. As for 'compromising' cards, my bf just got a new card in the post because of the same thing, but luckily nothing was taken from the account. Glad you like the background! xxx

  4. Strawberry Milk is a really pretty color, but for my skin tone I have to sheer it down a bit with some lipgloss/ lipbalm. I did the same thing with shipping, I shipped them to my brother in NYC and got my parents who visited him first to bring them when they visited us afterwards. You also save on customs! Thanks for your comment, dear :) xxx

  5. Do cherry culture deliver to UK I wonder..I must investigate. Great haul - that taupe looks v similar to MAC's Strada which is my favourite ever contour colour. Beautiful eyeliner again from you, as ever!

  6. @ Ondine: I think they do, but it's probably rather costly... I think I heard that Taupe looks similar to one of the MAC contour shades, so I guess you're right! Thanks for your sweet comment xxx

  7. This looks so fresh and pretty on you - glad you like the ey liner too! xxx

  8. Wow NYX products are lovely!
    You look beautiful in your FOTD.

    I'm not sure if we have NYX over here, I dont think so, such a shame! x

  9. Good to know im not the only one who has to do the shipping thing. I ordered (i feel shoppers remorse by the way) 11 round nyx lipsticks 3 glosses on ebay. They do a good shipping fee when you buy them in big numbers.

    I decided against shipping to family. I dont want to be judged for my addiction! xx

  10. @Tali: Hihi, my brother didn't mind, but he forgot that I shipped my goodies to him, so when he opened the package and saw the fake eyelashes he thought someone made him a joke!

    Ebay always has better shipping rates than any other retailer - don't feel any remorse, the lippies are fab, you're gonna love them! Thanks for following, hun :) xxx